There are three stages in a woman's life: maiden, mother and crone. In the Wheel of the Year they can be seen as Spring/Summer, Summer/Autumn and Winter. In today's society we are taught to fear and loathe the Crone years, yet in the past, a Crone was a woman who was respected and admired as a wise-woman, a revered elder. It is high time we reclaimed our Crone years and began to celebrate them again! This is a webring for women in their crone years, usually reckoned to be 50, or thereabouts. You do not have to have a site specifically about the Crone, or being a crone.

1. Please only submit your personal website. No commercial websites please.

2. It should go without saying, no hate sites, no intolerance, etc. Your site doesn't have to be absolutely "family friendly", but I do not want porn or anything equally unpleasant in this ring!

3. Have the ring code on your site and a logo if you want one, within two weeks. If you have not added it by then you will be dropped and will have to reapply. Needless to say, if you have a good reason why you need more time, do please email me.

4. Please save the logo to your own website server. No hotlinking!

5. Only cite the actual page that you will put the ring code on, in the join form. If you have a webrings page then you are welcome to put it there. But please have a link to the front of your site on that page. Otherwise what is the point if people cannot easily visit the rest of your site!


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